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Music Composition For Media.
Created With Passion. 

As a composer, I don't just add music to your project.

I work to give you the originality, passion and voice you need.

So you can stand out, reach out and achieve your creative goals. 

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From a young age Glenn has sat behind a Hammond organ or a synthesiser. As soon as he said his final goodbyes to school,  Glenn started touring with cover bands playing weddings, events and everything in between! Both in the U.K. and across Europe.


Composing for indie film and television started 20 years ago after a film student approached Glenn to add piano to a low budget sci fi film. This has now developed into his main creative goal. 

Glenn is well known for creating beautiful soundscapes and melodies for all manner of visual projects. Add sonic passion to your project and contact Glenn today. 

        Music by Glenn Maltman
            Video by Amir Irani

              Music by Glenn Maltman

              Video by Christian Bodhi

              Music by Glenn Maltman
                 Video by Alex Borodai

         Music By Glenn Maltman
            Video by Engin Akyurt

           Music by Glenn Maltman
           Video by Jeongwoo Kim

          Music by Glenn Maltman
           Video by InvisiblePower

                  Music by Glenn Maltman
                    Video by Engin Akyurt

                     Music by Glenn Maltman
                   Video  by Matthias Groenveld

              Music by Glenn Maltman
            Video by Matthias Greneveld


Red Wine DreamsGlenn Maltman
00:00 / 04:20
A Newcastle NightGlenn Maltman
00:00 / 03:22
On Black SandGlenn Maltman
00:00 / 04:06
It's Freedom on the phone and it wants tGlenn Maltman
00:00 / 03:29
The WizardGlenn Maltman
00:00 / 02:18
Jimmy and DogGlenn Maltman
00:00 / 02:03



Marzena Walicka

Video Producer

"Working as a camerawoman and an editor, I am always looking for suitable background music for my projects. Since working with Glenn my workflow became a lot easier! Glenn always delivers just the right tune saving me so much time! A great musician, composer and a pleasure to work with!"


Matt Taylor

Film Producer/ Creative director/ Writer 

"Glenn scored our 2018 feature film Transition and his music gave so much life and emotional depth to the scenes that they truely resonated with myself afterwards! His score fit beautifully to the film's themes and tones - delicate, strong, powerful and moving. 

Glenn works highly efficiently and I can't recommend him enough to any future collaborators!"


Rob Burrows

Solarus Films

I have found Glenn to be a reliable and talented person. He has demonstrated a high and consistent level of commitment to working on the projects above. His professionalism has been recognised by having received a nomination at the Madrid International Film Festival Awards (July 2018) for Best Original Score.

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Brian Brasher (etherbrian) 

Animator, designer, illustrator, iconographer.

While working on an NFT art project with famed parody Twitter account Bored Elon Musk. Glenn delivered exactly what I needed, and he delivered it quickly. His music was the secret ingredient that made the whole project a roaring success"


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